TRICARE Supplemental Plans


How Does The Supplement Work?
The premise is simple. When employed by civilian industries and companies, military retirees retain their TRICARE benefits, as do their spouses who secure employment in the same geographical regions of high military concentration. Military retirees may choose to opt out of traditional corporate medical plans to elect TRICARE as primary, thereby enrolling with the TRICARE Supplement as secondary coverage.

The benefit? The Corporate TRICARE Supplement coordinates benefits with TRICARE to provide comprehensive health coverage, picking up the majority of your out-of-pocket costs for health care services.

Corporate TRICARE Supplement Plan Features:
Pays 100% of the: TRICARE fiscal year deductible, patient coinsurance, and applicable excess charges.
Guaranteed issue. No medical exams or questions
No pre-existing condition limitations
No corridor deductibles to meet before supplemental benefits are paid
Fully portable if employment ends for any reason
Long life of product stability and
highly competitive premium rates

This fully insured voluntary health plan is available through ASI & AMRA and insured by The Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Company. As the plan creator and full service administrator, ASI eases the administrative load by providing enrollers, client staff training, marketing and enrollment materials, issuance of policy, issuance of plan I.D. cards, payment of claims, billing, account administration, and live, oll-free customer service.

As a military retiree, we believe you may have the potential to benefit from this unique offering. Please contact us for additional information or to request a product brochure. You may contact:

Wayne Sakamoto
Health Insurance Interactive, Inc
(800) 268-1330

*TRICARE-eligible members include—but are not limited to—individuals under age 65 who served in any of the branches of the armed forces, have 20 creditable years of service toward retirement, and are entitled to retired, retainer, or equivalent pay.